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Current Open Positions:

  • Office Cleaner 5:30-10:30 Mon-Fri
  • Maid 9 am-5 pm Mon- Fri
  • Maid 9 am-1 pm Mon-Fri

What some of our cleaning pros have to say about working here at A-1 Cleaning!

I really enjoy the atmosphere, the people, and the company! I really love how I come to work every day happy and still leave happy not like my last job. I enjoy chatting with most customers on the phone and being able to make them happy by setting them up on schedule! it is the best when you can hear them excited about their job. ” -J.S

I like the family atmosphere and the great clientele. Everyone is helpful and structured, and it was easy-going training. I have all the tools required to complete a task are provided. -B.V.

The staff is wonderful, and so is the management. My shift is great… I like that no one is expected to be perfect, and I like that my workplace encourages collaboration, asking questions, to bring up concerns – I’ve definitely worked in places where what one guy says, goes, and there isn’t room for other opinions. Thanks for cultivating such a great, friendly culture at the workplace. It really lowers mine, and I’m sure other peoples’, stress levels a lot. -N.A.

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