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Floor maintenance done by professionals.

Most businesses hire commercial cleaning services Dallas to ensure their premises are kept clean for both their employees and customers. You don’t want your employees feeling like they’re working in an unsanitary environment and your customers won’t want to come into a shop that isn’t kept clean and tidy. However, in some cases, it’s not enough just to hire a janitor – when it comes to things like flooring, you need to do a bit more to keep them looking nice for anyone who enters your business.

We use Spartan Floor Finishes and Surtec-Systems products to provide clients with the best and safest chemicals for all our commercial floors including wood, tile, linoleum, and composition.Floor Maintenance Arcata

We offer full scale floor maintenance programs that include, machine auto-scrubbing, hardwood floor refinishing, and burnishing. We can tailor-make your program to fit your budget, with quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily programs available.

We seal tile floors in older model buildings that contain asbestos making them invulnerable to contamination and keeping your property free of harmful exposure and helping to ensure ehs compliance. Though it is recommended you have a safety audit as each business premise may have different circumstances in regards to floor maintenance.

We are specialized in deep cleaning, refinishing, and preserving older hardwood floors in restaurants, lounges, theaters, etc. Alternatively, if you’re looking for some hardwood flooring to pick and be placed, you should contact a flooring store like Flooring Liquidators.

(We also offer several residential floor services, go to the corresponding page on our website to find out more.)

In summary, we offer the best techniques for retail floor maintenance and hold certifications to make sure they maintain their usefulness and safety. If you are considering breathing new life into your old floor, expanding its lifespan, or ensuring it is safe for your employees to traverse on then contact us for a quote now.

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