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You may have hired a professional to clean your carpets and upholstery before, but did you know it is more important to get mattress cleaning services Singapore in your home? You may believe that you only need to clean your mattresses after a spill or accident, but the truth is you need to have your mattress cleaning performed regularly because of how often you use it. While the best mattresses from places like Zen Haven are typically of the highest quality, even the very best mattresses require regular cleaning in order to stay in great condition. It’s important to make sure though that you change your mattress every 6-8 years though. If you are thinking of changing your mattress then you might want to check out Mattresses ranked here.

Some reasons to have a mattress cleaned

Having a mattress pad or cover on your bed does not stop dust mites, sweat, body oils, dead skin or residue from pets. All those contaminates can get through the pad into the mattress. Unlike carpets and upholstery, mattress fabric is not always designed to resist stains; therefore, they often can be hard to remove. But the most important reason to have a mattress cleaning performed is to disinfect the bedding material and remove soil. Most mattresses have warranties that require regular professional mattress cleaning. See your manufacturer’s warranty label for more information.

Benefits of cleaning a mattress

Indoor air quality

The average sleep time for an adult is about eight hours, that means you spend 1/3 of your life time in bed, this is the very good reason to have good air quality in your bedroom. When you go to bed, it stirs up dust particles in the mattress. You then breathe in the dust particles. The dust particles can cause health issues like sneezing, watery eyes, upper respiratory congestion, and other poor health issues.Mattress Cleaning Eureka CA

Managing Allergies

Dust mites live in many places in your home, but they mainly dwell in your mattress! They are the most common trigger of allergy problems such as asthma, rhinitis, and eczema. Doctors suggest that having a professional mattress cleaning performed regularly can reduce allergy attacks while sleeping.

Rest peacefully

Whether you have a single mattress or a king mattress, just knowing that you are sleeping on a hygienic mattress can help you rest easier. Just knowing that you’re not laying on millions of dust mites, kilograms of dust particles, and dead skin flakes, will give you peace of mind. Having your mattress cleaned will help with this needless worry.

Mattress cleaning is a big project best left to the professionals. Why not BOOK your Appointment Now, and let A-1 Cleaning Service help with all your house cleaning needs?

How to clean your mattress your self.

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