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Five Second Rule Is a Myth?

Scary Things That Are In Your Carpet! Allergens and Dust You should know that the dust in your carpets is mostly made of flaked off dead skin cells? “In one year and average person can shed one million skins cells a day” . That’s like eight pounds of dead cells a year! In addition to…

Why You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned On A Regular Basis

The frequency in which most people clean their carpet generally depends on factors such as how much foot traffic it gets and whether it’s being exposed to smokers and pets. When it comes to major carpet cleaning procedures, the general consensus is that it is needed at least once a year. Depending on your living…

Your Last Minute-Party Cleaning Plan

So you invited some guest to your New Years Eve Party last minute and now you have to clean the house up before everyone comes! No sweat, here is some tips to help you get that done in a snap. Follow this link to get some quick tips. Here’s a great last-minute cleaning plan just…

Carpet Cleaning Machine Chemical Meter

Carpet Cleaning Machine Chemical Meter. Why we use so little chemical and leave so little chemical in a carpet. True green cleaning responsibility.