Construction Clean Up

image of construction clean upWhen it comes to handling construction clean up jobs, you can trust the A-1 team to make sure it’s done right. With 20 years of experience keeping up with the local builders, A-1 knows what to expect. We are excited and prepared to handle all the new construction clean up jobs that are consistently becoming available in Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, and Mckinleyville

We understand that construction clean up jobs are all unique in their own way. Sometimes there are different phases for cleaning when dealing with construction clean up jobs, sometimes there are surprises, or unforeseen circumstances. We know to expect the unexpected when it comes to construction clean ups!

After two decades of working with countless builders, property managers, and home owners, we know exactly how to keep our customers happy. Our priority is knowing what our clients need from us, specifically for each job. No two jobs are ever the same.

A1 has state of the art cleaning equipment to handle most construction clean up job in Humboldt County today. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it. Our crew is motivated with the addition of our newest carpet cleaning van that includes it’s own reserve tank for water, which comes in handy all the time. Now we can make even more carpets, tile and grout look like new.

We are experienced, we have a great crew, and we’re ready.