Carpet Cleaning Technician Job Description

We are seeking a dedicated and skilled Carpet Cleaning Technician to join our team. As a carpet cleaner, you’ll play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of carpets and floors in various settings, including homes, businesses, and government buildings. If you’re passionate about delivering top-notch service and have experience in carpet cleaning, we’d love to hear from you!


  1. Client Interaction:
    • Meet with clients to discuss their cleaning needs and assess the condition of floors and carpets.
    • Provide excellent customer service and maintain positive relations with clients.
  2. Pre-Cleaning Preparation:
    • Apply stain and pre-cleaning treatments to carpets and floors.
    • Carefully move furniture to access all areas that need cleaning.
  3. Cleaning Techniques:
    • Utilize both machine and hand-washing techniques to clean carpets and floors effectively.
    • Ensure thorough cleaning, paying attention to high-traffic areas and stubborn stains.
  4. Drying and Resetting:
    • Use drying machines to ensure carpets are completely dry.
    • Reset furniture to its original position after cleaning.
  5. Upselling Services:
    • Identify opportunities to upsell additional cleaning services and company products.
    • Educate clients on maintenance tips and preventive measures.
  6. Administrative Tasks:
    • Provide invoices for services rendered.
    • Maintain accurate records of completed work.


  1. Valid driver’s license and good driving record.
  2. Must pass a thorough background check.
  3. Education and Experience:
    • High school diploma or GED.
    • Previous work experience as a carpet cleaning technician is desired but not necessary.
  4. Technical Knowledge:
    • Detailed knowledge of cleaning chemicals and industrial cleaning machines.
    • Familiarity with various carpet types and their specific cleaning requirements.
  5. Skills and Traits:
    • Friendly and professional demeanor.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Ability to lift and move heavy furniture.
    • Proficiency in operating cleaning equipment.
  6. Quality Focus:
    • Strive for high-quality service delivery.
    • Pay attention to detail and ensure work meets industry standards.

If you’re a reliable, hardworking individual with a passion for cleanliness and customer satisfaction, we encourage you to apply! Join our team and contribute to creating healthier, more comfortable spaces for our clients.

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