Five Second Rule Is a Myth?

Scary Things That Are In Your Carpet!

Allergens and Dust

You should know that the dust in your carpets is mostly made of flaked off dead skin cells? “In one year and average person can shed one million skins cells a day” . That’s like eight pounds of dead cells a year! In addition to dried skin cells, pollen’s in Humboldt County CA such as trees like Oregon Ash (Fraxinus latifolia), weeds like Annual Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia), Coyotebrush Species Description, Rape (Brassica rapa), Silver Burr-Ragweed (Ambrosia chamissonis), and grasses such as Curly Blue Grass (Poa secunda)  cause lots of seasonal allergies for people in the area. All through the year these allergens are brought into your home by your shoes, pets, or the air.

Rotting Food (Five Second Rule is a Myth)

Your family drops their food on the carpet all the time, and probably some of your siblings or parents will pick it up and apply the five second rule, the rule states the following: A slice of pizza is dropped on the ground. The five-second rule suggests that if it is picked up within five seconds, it is safe to eat them. That me a great rule to save a great slice of pizza, however there are ramifications for your carpet. Over time your carpets in your home will accumulate tons of microscopic rotting food particles. Your carpet then becomes a habitat for lots of nasty organisms!

Dust Mites

Remember those dead skin cells mentioned earlier, well if your carpet has not been professionally cleaned, your carpet is filled with MILLIONS of microscopic organisms called dust mites that survive by eating dust (aka your dead skin cells). Your upholstery, mattress, and air ducts have them living in them also.

Pet Feces and Urine

You may think that because your Dog or Cat is trained to do their business outside this problem does not pertain to your carpets, however this is only affecting the amount of feces and urine that is in your carpets. Your creatures are tracking in these bacteria on their paws, especially Cats that use litter boxes. Just imagine sticking your foot in your toilet and then walking on your carpet!



And the winner is Bacteria! Carpets that are not professionally cleaned may have these most common bacteria found in them:

Escherichia Coli (E. Coli), Staphylococcus Aureus (STAPH), and Salmonellosis (Salmonella). E. Coli can cause stomach aches, diarrhea, and intestinal infections. E. Coli is found in the poop of mammals such as dogs, cats, and humans.

Staph which is a bacterium that lives on the skin of a lot of mammals. Staph can end up in carpet from skin cells, dirty hands/feet, or blood. Staph can be harmless or life threatening depending on the exact strain of the Staph bacteria.

Salmonella is transferred to carpet from feces from pets or people. Salmonella is particularly dangerous and causes: fever, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. Salmonella can usually be treated by antibiotics but is particularly dangerous for children and senior citizens.

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Why You Should Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned On A Regular Basis

The frequency in which most people clean their carpet generally depends on factors such as how much foot traffic it gets and whether it’s being exposed to smokers and pets. Some people may need to get a company that offers carpet cleaning in Charleston once every two months whereas others will only need to get it once a year. It all depends on the homeowner’s lifestyle. When it comes to major carpet cleaning procedures, the general consensus is that it is needed at least once a year. Depending on your living situation however, you may need to consider getting something like Champion Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning even more often.

Improved Air Quality

Approximately one in every five adults suffers from asthma. Other breathing issues such as those related to allergies are also much more common than most realize. It is crucial for the homes of these people to have excellent air quality and keeping the carpeting clean plays a vital role in that. Uncleaned carpets harbor harmful pollen, mold, dust, dirt, and pet dander. It is just as important to clean carpets thoroughly even if no one in the house has any current breathing issues because poor air quality can easily develop over time.

Longer Lasting Carpeting

Home fixtures and furnishing are often quite expensive. Carpeting is no exception. It is only natural to want everything in your home to stay in good shape so that it will last longer. Keeping your carpet clean is the ideal way to maintain it so that you won’t have to replace it sooner than later.

While many may try to put off the cost of cleaning, it’s often cheaper than replacing it entirely once the wear and tear of neglect has set in. Professional cleaning is an investment in the longevity of your carpet.

Be Sure To Vacuum Before Carpet Cleaning

Before having a carpet cleaner come in, you should vacuum to give the carpet a good once over. A lot of loose debris and dirt will be removed, allowing the cleaner to work its magic much more efficiently. Carpet cleaning procedures are more about a deep clean that gets down to the floor level fibers. Having too much crud built up on top can get in the way. Without a lot of dirt to work through on the surface, the deeper cleaning will also take less time, overall.

Everyone wants a clean and fresh smelling home. Professional carpet cleaning is only a small part of the solution, however. You have to do some general maintenance in between the deeper cleaning procedures to keep everything in proper shape.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming is considered to be a fairly tedious chore for many people, but it really needs to be done regularly. Once a week will do a lot to keep your home smelling fresh. You will be sure to maintain good air quality this way, as well. You really should vacuum twice a week for areas that have a lot of traffic or regular exposure to pets and childre. Be as thorough as possible and you can be sure to have a great looking and healthy carpet all year around.

By maintaining your carpet with regular vacuuming and by having your carpets cleaned annually, you can extend the life and look of your carpet for many years to come.

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Sofa cleaning between appointments with the cleaning agency

Sofa cleaning between appointments with the cleaning agency (2)Sofas get dusty and food crumbs find their way into the deep corners and drinks inadvertently spill onto the upholstery. Fortunately, sofa cleaning is not a tough task if you have a bit of time and the right cleaning supplies. If you don’t want to call your local cleaning agency to clean up for you or you are simply looking at doing a quick clean before the next professional cleaning, our guide will take you through some simple and easy sofa cleaning steps.


  • It is important to know the sofa fabric

It is important to know the fabric type before you start cleaning. Look for the tag that tells you what material the sofa cover is made of. Most often these tags will provide instructions on which cleaning products can be used and which cannot be used.

  • Begin sofa cleaning by vacuuming

It is best to start by getting rid of any surface debris, dust and dirt from the sofa. For this you can use a dust-buster or a hose add-on of a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any dust particles. Use the long attachment of the vacuum cleaner to reach the crevices and don’t forget to vacuum the cushions. It is recommended that you start by vacuuming the cushions and then place them aside so that you can work on the sofa.


  • Get rid of heavy dust

If there are spots on the sofa where dirt has been caked in, use a brush to break it loose and release the dirt. Ensure that you rub gently so that the fabric is not damaged.


  • Remove pet hair from sofa

Your vacuum cleaner will not be able to get rid of pet hair. To get rid of any fur, use a lint roller once you finish vacuuming the sofa. Work in a systematic pattern so that you don’t miss out on any hair.


  • Wipe clean

Use wipes to clean any hard surface, hand rests and any other exposed surfaces. Alternatively, you can use a cleaning product that is appropriate for wooden or other surfaces that you are cleaning. Keep an all-purpose surface cleaner handy so that you don’t have to scurry around looking for specific wipes. Use a leather surface cleaner for leather upholstered sofas.

Fabric Pre-conditioner can be used to dissolve dirt and oil from the upholstery. Make sure that you spot test the preconditioner for discolouration on a spot that is not easily viewable.

  • Gentle wash

If you have removable sofa covers then it is best to toss them into the washing machine for a quick wash, especially if they are extremely soiled. Avoid washing them too often though or you will risk damaging the fabric.

It is recommended that every six months you get professional cleaners to clean your sofa. This will help maintain the original feel and look of the fabric. The domestic cleaning agency will use professional tools that don’t discolour or harm the fabric. Follow this up with regular cleaning before your next appoint with the cleaning company.

5 Tips for More Effective Cleaning at Home

5 Tips for More Effective Cleaning at HomeIf you think that cleaning is bothersome and tiring, perhaps all you need to do is change the way you have been doing it so far. It is true that there are many things you have to take into consideration when it comes to effective home cleaning, but it is by understanding these basic guidelines that you can have easier time cleaning and longer lasting results. Alternatively, you could try a service similar to Red Deer cleaning services that might be able to help you with your cleaning, but if you want to you can follow the tips below to have effective cleaning results.

  • Develop a cleaning routine – this will allow you to manage your time better. Cleaning routine means a schedule that you will follow for your chores, and of course not forget to be flexible when you need to. Home cleaning consists of chores that you have to perform on a regular basis in order to keep the conditions of your room perfect. A typical example of a cleaning routine is to set an hour for carpet cleaning every second Sunday and take some time to de-clutter your rooms on Saturdays. Also, think about getting professional carpet cleaners dublin to clean your carpets each season. That way you will know exactly what you will have to do and how much time it will take you.
  • Take the small tasks out of the way – often time when you look at how much cleaning you have to do, you feel dread and feel like ignoring the chore. This is because when you leave your home unattended for too long chores add up. But if you deal with a number of small tasks you will notice that there is suddenly less home cleaning left to do. When you take care of the clothes lying around, clean the dishes in your sink and change the pet litter for example, you will get a better idea of what needs to be done.
  • Take regular breaks – this is important if you want cleaning to be less stressful and cause you less headaches. You will be able to work faster if you do not feel constantly tired and you will accomplish much more.
  • Always research for better solutions and techniques – if there is one thing that can frustrate you about cleaning it is the fact that sometimes it just does not work. Reading about how to deal with Water Damage Clean Up, for instance, can improve your chances of maintaining your high standard kitchen. No matter how much effort you invest and how much you spend, sometimes no positive result is present. For this reason you should take your time to research more ways to tackle home cleaning. This is very important because it can not only help you with a more efficient way of cleaning, but it will also teach you exactly what to use and what to avoid. Imagine if you pour a cleaning detergent on your carpet that will damage its fibers because you didn’t take the time to research what you should use.
  • Get help – home cleaning is not a chore ( for example, a company like that should fall on the shoulders of one member of the family. If you have been doing it on your own so far, maybe it is time to get others involved. If you are living alone, you can acquire the service of a cleaning company. Usually this is very effective solution, as the cleaners will come equipped with their own tools and very quickly deal with any cleaning task you have for them.

These simple tips will guarantee a better result next time you have to clean. Follow any number of them and you will quickly notice a positive difference.

House cleaning tips with pros and cons

House cleaning tips with pros and cons

The best way for the big domestic cleaning is usually the fastest, the cheapest and the easiest way of cleaning. This can be helpful when you’re about to putting your house up for sale, since it’s one of the most common parts of how to sell your house to potential buyers. However, that`s the perfect way to keep the house clean, rather than deep cleaning all the floor coverings, furnishings, upholstery and metal shelving from Next is a short list with pros and cons of the house cleaning and you can look at the pros as easy tricks as well. For example:


– Begin the house cleaning with the most soiled objects like carpets, rugs, tile floors in the kitchen, the walls in the bathroom. The kitchen equipment also get dirty quite easily and quickly, and so it`s a good idea to start with.

– Make homemade detergent solutions instead of buying a dozen of them from the store. It`s just needed to mix some of the most powerful degreasers and detergents that you already have at home. They may include soap, shampoo, dishwashing detergent, salt, baking soda, etc. If you’re looking for any cleaning products and you’re trying to find some of the best for the jobs you’re tackling, try reading up on some review sites similar to that of Product Playoffs and others.

– For truly persistent and heavily soiled spots – a better advice is to call a professional cleaning company rather than trying to clean it by yourself. If you don`t know the exact type of your rugs and carpets fibers, for example, you risk to damage them. Inappropriate use of powerful detergents can also lead to discoloration, dryness or shrinking of the fibers. Yet the professional cleaners know which type of detergent and cleaning solution are best for the heavily dirty objects.

For your outdoor needs, such as painting outside walls, replacing tiles, cleaning guttering and eavestrough and chimney repairs, you may need professional help. These are far bigger jobs than many of the others in this list. For example, for guttering, hire a company that specializes in gutter cleaning. Likewise, with chimney repairs, hire someone that has a history of mending chimneys!

– Wipe of dust at least a couple of hours after finishing with the deep cleaning or even on the next day. Thus, you will give enough time to the dust to accumulate on the surfaces and then to wipe it of easier and quicker. The same goes for vacuuming. You are going to want to look for the Best Stick Vacuum Appliance For Your Home and then run it over your carpets and floors at least three times in the days following a spring clean, to prevent dust settling into the fibres.

– Deodorize and sanitize your house right after cleaning. There are plenty of tips and tricks for the impeccable sanitizing activity and it`s truly recommended if you have pets at home.

– Mopping every day will ensure cleanliness and fresh look of the floorings with flat surfaces. From laminate floorings to the tiles in the bathroom – mopping is as easy as quick and it`s definitely worth it. It will keep the clean effect for a longer time and so it will reduce the need for deep cleaning of the entire house.

Or else, let`s take a look at the CONS and try to avoid them:

– Cleaning Oriental carpets and rugs with a hot-steam cleaning machine is a mistake that can damage the yet sensitive fibers. The same applies for a myriad of other types of carpets and rugs, for example, handmade carpets, lavishly appointed carpets with very sharp colors, old carpets and more. If you’re not sure about the best way to clean these carpets and rugs and would rather seek the help of a professional, then if you’re based in San Diego look no further than a company like Maid Just Right.

– Exposing the already cleaned carpets and floor coverings on a direct sunlight in order to enhance the evaporation and so to reduce the drying time is another risky thing. Especially if you plan a big spring cleaning or in the summertime maybe, the powerful sunshine can make your rugs and carpets visually unpleasing for only a few hours.

– Letting the kids to play over newly cleaned floorings and furnishings can lead to breathing unhealthy bacteria left over the surfaces or volatile chemical compounds. Even the hot-steam cleaning systems provide a tiny little chance of such a risk, although these cleaning machines can leave surfaces completely dry and ready to use.

– Cleaning windows, tiles, grout lines, kitchen equipment or other objects with a homemade detergent is one of the easiest and yet useful ways to achieve a good result, but only when you regularly change the water. Cleaning with a dirty cloth or rubbing a stain with a dirty brush can only spread the dirty stain.

Cleaning – How to Get Others Involved

How to Get Others InvolvedCleaning your home can be tedious and tiring. It is a chore that not many people wish to do, but one that is necessary. Cleaning is after all the only way to assure that the environment in your home is fresh and that there is no health risk for anyone in the form of dust and other unwanted allergens. Even worse yet, there is always the possibility that pests could enter and infest your home if it is unhygienic, which is a problem that washington pest services will have to resolve, as it’s quite difficult to tackle yourself. To live in a clean house is not a given, it is a result from a lot of hard work. And this work often times falls mostly on the shoulders of very few people. If that is the case with you, you can try to make it a team-effort by following some of these suggestions:

  • Benefits – try to explain the benefits of a clean home to anyone who is rather not willing to partake in cleaning. Everyone should understand that having a clean home is a good thing. Walking in to the sight of scattered clothing and unwashed dishes can be very unpleasant, and it is always preferable to avoid such chaos. Once that is taken care, one would always feel better overall in the cleaned home. It seems only natural then to convince others in your home to try and help you achieve this clean environment, since they will benefit from it too.
  • Established Cleaning Routine – if you have an established cleaning routine, you can more easily divide tasks among members of your family. That way they will know exactly what is expected of them and when they need to clean. In turn this means that might be more willing to participate in cleaning and not leave everything to you.
  • Kids – one thing a parent can always do is get the kids involved in cleaning. It may sound weird and not advisable at first, but kids can be very enthusiastic in their desire to help clean. This should be encouraged in fact, as long as it is within reasonable limits and caution for safety of course. It should not be too difficult to get the young ones to clean, as they view it as a game. And who is to say it isn’t one? Imagine for example mixing green cleaning solutions with them, or trying out new cleaning outfits. Then also consider how fun cleaning, as an activity, can be for kids. With all the running and moving involved, it is easy to imagine that they would be more than willing to work around the rooms.
  • Professional Cleaning Service – it should come as an obvious choice to consider this option, when cleaning tasks add up immensely. Hiring expert domestic cleaners is often times a preferable option when you have little time to spare and you require very fast and efficient results. Cleaners normally bring their own gear and tools, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. One more benefit is that you can have them in your home at a time that is entirely convenient for you.

Cleaning is always easier with a little help, be it from the people you live with, or professional. It is always more preferable to work with someone than alone, as this will leave you more time for yourself to just do something else. Furthermore, the work can be done in better ways when more than one people are involved.

How to Keep the House Clean with Little Ones Around

How to Keep the House Clean with Little Ones AroundThe need to clean our homes doesn’t really rely upon a specific time of the year, so we often need to address the issue regardless of what else we have to deal with. There are many ways we can get lazy, allowing the filth to pile up and that happens even more often than we’d like to admit when we have kids to take care of. We also tend to forget one of the simplest facts concerning dust – the fact that it happens to be made of dander, hair and worse. If you want to deal with it and you have kids to deal with as well, then you will need some help after all. On the bright side of things, they may even help you out if you handle things right and you can turn things into a lot of fun, so you can move ahead with this in mind while making sure your home is clean and flawless:


  • Using teamwork

It would be a pretty lonesome thing to work in a bathroom by yourself, especially if you can find a fun way to clean together with your kids. You can have your kids helping you out with the smaller stuff, such as scrubbing the sink, helping you with polishing things and other things that may need to be done. You must always choose tasks that are suited to the kids themselves however, as this will be a necessary step toward finishing the job. This will also help the kids learn to deal with teamwork efforts in a friendly environment.

  • Keeping kids focused

In most cases kids will be amazing at tuning out what they need to do when they get bored, so you will need to figure out ways to keep them focused and happy at the same time. You will need to offer the tasks with suitable presentation if you want to make them interested in what you must do. You can organize things with a small board with tasks meant for you and your kids, offering rewards for helping you out in one form or another. If you handle things right your kids will be more than happy to help out and they will learn something from the experience while they help out.

  • The importance of music

There is a great way to inspire minds and bodies when you need to focus on a job and that is music. You can really up the mood by using some nice, upbeat tunes to help you and your kids, enjoying a good time while working with less hassle involved in the process.

  • Give tougher jobs to teens

As kids grow, they will have the ability to do more to help you out, with greater skill involved. It could be anything you need, from basic repairs and organizing to cleaning. If you have been handling your kids right so far, they will not mind helping out even during the tougher and more emotionally difficult moments of their teen years. In some cases teens may dislike the tasks you give them, but they can really deal with it in a favorable way if you handle things the right way.

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