Top 5 Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Professionals

Adding up carpets and rugs to your home decor may yield an overall transformation right away. Except when the items are full of dirt and bacteria which will just add up to your mess. Just like there are many reasons why choosing peel and stick wallpaper over painting the walls makes sense in many situations, however, when it comes to carpets, it cannot be discarded while a mess is being made. Either they need to be washed, or professional cleaners should be hired at the earliest. Adding carpet to bedrooms, living rooms, and other rooms of the house enhances the appearance of the flooring. In addition to being available in various styles, colors, and textures, they also require care depending on your preference.

Carpets are prone to dirt and dust as a result of pets living indoors, or a toddler who loves to play and eat on the floor. Those are only samples of reasons why cleaning carpets must be added to your routine. Cleaning carpets by yourself may take hours to finish and may not give your desired result. Here is a post to discuss the Carpet Cleaning Portland methods with sure quality finish as used by the professionals.

Finding a Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The next thing is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to do the job the better way. Morley carpet cleaning can offer you the best carpet cleaning services with the latest high-tech equipment. The detergents used are environmentally-friendly that assure the best results at a reliable price.

Five Methods of Carpet Cleaning Used by Professionals

Below is a list of carpet cleaning methods with bonus tips used by professional cleaners. Each method will surely turn your carpets dirt-free and new looking. Read on to discover carpet cleaning services’ techniques in enhancing home floorings!

1. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning also called the hot water extraction cleaning method is commonly used by professional cleaners. If you’ve been searching for something like ‘carpet cleaning services near me‘, you probably already know this! It will take less than 3 hours to clean an average-sized carpet with this method. Drying will last for at least 5 hours, a total of not more than 8 hours to finally enjoy a clean carpet.

Getting rid of dusty carpet is best done with high-pressure hot water. It can dissolve the specks of dirt on the carpet that fast. The cleaning process involves using a natural cleaning agent while brushing off the dirt, stains, and other particles right away.

Professional cleaners in Morley make use of extreme heat of about 250-degree Celsius to destroy all the bacteria living in the carpet. High-end carpet steam cleaners were used to deep clean carpets.

2. Bonnet Cleaning

Many carpet owners still choose this method though it won’t clean carpets deeply as other methods do. It is ideal for hotels or areas accommodating visitors and guests that demand fast cleaning without causing distraction.

Bonnet cleaning is done with two processes. First is to clean the upper surface of the carpet by dipping the absorbent pad into a cleaning agent. Then, use the pad to absorb dust and other initial dirt.

The next method is with the use of high-moisturized equipment. Cleaning products are mixed with carbonated water and then sprayed onto the carpet. After a few hours, the absorbent pad must be attached to the machine to absorb the soil on the carpet’s surface. It will leave your carpet clean and hygienic afterward.

3. Dry Extraction Cleaning

Drying carpets would be time-consuming instead of cleaning more carpets. Dry extraction cleaning does not use water thus no need to dry carpets for hours. For that reason, many households prefer this method in cleaning their dirty carpets.

A cleaning powder is used rather than detergent in deep cleaning the carpet. The cleaners will sprinkle the powder on the base part of the carpet with the use of a rotating brush machine. As a result, the powder will settle into the surface of the carpet and will thoroughly clean the parts. Afterward, the combined powder and soil will be vacuumed for deep cleaning.

This cleaning method applies to commercial installations that require regular cleaning and instant drying of the floors.

4. Encapsulation

Encapsulation is also a dry carpet cleaning method with no use of water and drying process. This saves up water, as well as does not leave chemicals on the floor. Like dry extraction cleaning, carpets will be left thoroughly clean and hygienic.

An encapsulation chemical is effective in removing soil particles that live deep inside the carpet. The substance is put directly onto the carpet and then scrub with a rotary brush or cylindrical device. To get rid of the leftover chemicals, cleaners use a vacuum for deep cleansing.

5. Shampoo Cleaning

Australian cleaners mostly used shampoo cleaning methods in removing germs, soil, and other dirt on the carpet. It can also take away heavy soils, unlike the other methods.

Professional cleaners will use a cleaning shampoo and then spread over the carpet. Moisture brush is an effective tool to scrub the formula onto the carpet to create a foaming effect that will attract dust and other small particles. Vacuum the carpet to remove leftover soil and shampoo to end up with a cleaner carpet.

Dry up the carpet before the vacuuming process.


The services of a professional carpet cleaner (such as Phoenix carpet cleaners) could enable homeowners to restore the carpet’s beauty faster with lesser effort. Among the many methods of cleaning carpets available, these are some of the most popular.

If you are running out of good choices of carpet cleaning services, then you can look for professioanl cleaners in Morley. They provide superior service while giving advice how to extend the lifespan of your carpet after the service. We wish you a successful carpet cleaning experience ahead!

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