Guest Blog from Tiffany Olson – So Many Carpets!

Guest Blog from Tiffany Olson – So Many Carpets!

You walk on carpet all the time. Between your office and home, you might even spend 100% of your non-travel hours on top of carpet in one form or another, office carpets especially under your desk and living room carpets in front of your sofa or favourite chair, these are both places where your feet spend a majority of the time when you’re in those rooms. Carpets are a standard indoor floor-covering, primarily due to their low cost, functionality and how easy it is to get carpet repairs should they get damaged. But have you ever evaluated the various types of carpets available? If you’ve ever built a home or installed new carpet, then of course, the answer is yes… unless you went with hardwood. But not everyone can be that awesome, so many people haven’t the slightest of clues when it comes to carpet variety – varieties of carpets as diverse as the techniques used to clean them. But don’t worry! We’re here to give you the 411 on carpet varieties. If any of the types of carpet in this article catches your eye, talk to your local carpet installation company Austin to see if they have it in stock.

1) Plush Carpet
In the cut-pile category, Plush carpet is the most versatile. It can be used for many different decorative purposes. Its textured surface does wonders for hiding foot and vacuum imprints. The texture holds well between cleanings and the casual look can easily enhance the look of almost any room. It’s a popular choice and fantastic all-purpose carpet.

2) Saxony Carpet
The Saxony carpet has a more refined, luxurious look and feel to it. It is the carpet of choice for more traditional interior designs, adding a certain elegance to the decor of any room. Saxony carpet is very commonly used for both living and dining rooms.

3) Berber Loop Pile Carpet
The Berber Loop Pile carpet uses a rugged loop surface to offer a thick wooly feel. The uneven surface gives the carpet an almost handmade feel, creating a pleasantly warm atmosphere in the room. Berber carpet is highly durable so it is perfect for families with pets or young children as well as office or business spaces. The subtlety of the patterns makes it a versatile choice, and the texture conveniently obscures foot and vacuum imprints.

4) Loop Carpet
Another versatile carpet, Loop carpet blends extremely well with a wide variety of interior designs. This carpet tops the list in durability and is engineered specifically to accommodate high-traffic areas. The textured surface allows for subtle highlights, and a wide range of color options can allow Loop carpet to be used for a wide variety of purposes.

5) Cut Loop Carpet
This unique carpet style blends loop pile with cut pile, creating a very unique look that holds well between vacuumings. The style results in an almost multi-colored look, hiding stains well and enhancing your floor surface. Cut Loop carpet looks great in both soft and bold color tones.

6) Frieze Carpet
Frieze carpet combines the look of Cut Berber with the feel of Plush. A variety of colors can be used to elegantly enhance a room, and the subtle changes in color inherent in the carpet style do wonders for hiding stray dirt in between cleanings.

Surprised that there are so many carpet styles? There are actually many more! And the carpet cleaning techniques change for every single one. These are just six basic carpet varieties to get you started, but hopefully you now have a better understanding of carpets than you did before reading this article.

Author Bio
Tiffany Olson is a blogger from Redding, CA. She writes for small, local businesses in order for them to increase their online presence. This article was written on behalf of Heidemann Cleaning, who specialize in carpet cleaning in Redding.

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