Make Your Floors Shine With These Hardwood Cleaning Tips

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Arcata

Hardwood Cleaning Tips to Make Your Floors Shine

Hardwood Floor Cleaning ArcataHardwood cleaning can be difficult, when a nice sheen on your hardwood floors is what you are aiming for, it can sometimes feel impossible.

This feels especially applicable when the ‘tried and true’ methods either leave you with a layer of ammonia water drying on the floor or force you to go back over the cleaned floor with a dry rag.

Now while this will get your floors clean, it might not always restore the glossy surface that shows off the beautiful grain of your floor, thereby leading you to consider getting the entire flooring replaced and reinstalled with the help of Shadow Wood Flooring (
We definitely do not want that to happen to you! Therefore, want to use a product that not only cleans off the surface of the floor but restores the glossy look of the original varnish.

If you have floor mats over your hardwood, then you will want to get those clean too as you do not want to put dirty mats back over a newly cleaned and varnished floor. So checking out links like as well as other similar websites for these products, can help you get what you need so your floors are always looking great.

My preferred cleaner that I use on the job is Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner, although some people might not like using it because of the perceived harm of chemicals such as 2-Propanol, or Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether. Well I’m here to tell you these complicated chemicals aren’t nearly as bad as you would think! For starters, this ‘2-Propanol‘ is really just everyday Isopropyl alcohol, and in hardwood cleaning applications, this is extremely useful (and safe) in the dissolving of oils, gums, and resins that have been deposited onto your floor from normal everyday use. Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether, whose proper chemical name is simply 2-Butoxyethanol, is also not nearly as hazardous as the name sounds, as it is used in such applications as paints, inks, leather protectors, oil dispersants, degreasers, liquid soaps, cosmetics, lacquers and varnishes. The combination of the 2-Propanol and 2-Butoxyethanol in Bruce Floor Cleaner allows us to not only strip the oils and resins off the surface of the floor (with the 2-Propanol), but restore a nice shine to the floor as if you had applied a new layer of varnish (with the 2-Butoxyethanol).

Now, Bruce is not the only brand of floor cleaner that uses these two chemicals, and those are not the only two chemicals that will give us the desired results, but it is one that is widely available, and the one that I use out on the job cleaning houses. On floors sealed with varnish, it’s possible to use a floor-cleaning machine like those from Intelligent Design Manufacturing to apply the solution, which also has the benefit of drying, buffing and polishing the floor too. On smaller jobs, however, I use a 5 step method in hardwood cleaning, repeating each step as necessary before moving onto the next:

  1. Sweep the floor with a regular broom to get the bigger debris off the surface.
  2. Re-sweep the floor, focusing most of your time on the cracks between floorboards and the edges around the baseboards. At this point: TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF! This keeps you from tracking dirt and debris back across the floor.
  3. Wipe entire floor with dry cloth, or use a microfiber dust mop to get the fine particulate matter off the wood surface
  4. Spray a small amount of floor (about 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep from where I stand) with Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner or similar hardwood cleaning solution
  5. Wipe with a microfiber or cloth mop (NOT a ‘wet mop’) WITH THE GRAIN OF THE FLOOR, always moving your body backward, so you never step on the newly wiped areas. This way even if there are streaks on the floor when it dries, it will only blend in with the grain of the floor, and there will be no foot prints anywhere on the floor!

After using your new technique for hardwood cleaning, and before walking on, or using the floor, you will want to wait for it to dry (only 10-15 minutes, as there is very little liquid on the floor) at which point the floor will still be quite slick, but dry to the touch. At this point if you turn the lights on in the room and get down near the floor you can see the glossy finish that you just restored, and check for areas that you either missed the first time around or areas that need extra attention.

Hardwood cleaning can be difficult when you do not have a plan, but with these steps your floors will retain their shine and be less prone to scratches! With only a few minutes of hardwood cleaning a week, your floors will remind you that a beautiful home starts from the baseboards up.

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Caring for Wood Floors

Caring for those Wood Floors

Taking care of your floors can be a tough. There are so many different factors that can keep your floors from looking nice. Whether you’ve just bought some brand new flooring from somewhere like Prodan Flooring in Gresham, OR, or your floors are vintage and came with the house, looking after your flooring is important if you want it to last. Of course, if you’re noticing an odd lean in your wooden floors or that they’re no longer level, it may be worth checking to see if the issue is with the floorboards or if there’s an issue with the foundation of your house. For the latter, make sure you go to a Quality Foundation Repair firm to keep your property safe. With that in mind, here are a few cleaning tips to make your floors shine.

General Tips for keeping your wood floors looking nice…
– Vacuum your floors weekly. The fine grit in the dust acts just like sandpaper and will wear through your floor’s finish. Use an attachment with a brush or a felt surface that runs along the floor. Rotating brushes can scratch the finish. And if you don’t feel like hauling the vacuum out, a dust mop or microfiber sweeper will work just as well. If you’re needing to clean specifically without damaging your floors, look at this site on how to clean urine on wood floors.

– Be careful with your hairspray and furniture polish, it can cloud up your floors finish. Wipe it up immediately with a damp cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, use a non-ammonia window cleaner.

– Water can ruin your finish as well as stain your wood. Close windows when it’s going to rain, put trays under potted plants, and wipe up water if you see it.

– Use a door mat. They really do their job and beyond. Even though vacuuming and spot cleaning are good tips for keeping your floors from becoming dull, keeping the dirt out of your house is better. Making sure to stop and wipe your shoes before going inside keeps dirt and moisture from entering your home and staining your floors.

– Protect high-traffic zones with area rugs. Walking across an area several times a day eventually wears down a wood floor’s finish. Nice-looking throw rugs are the easiest way to reduce the wear. But make sure they don’t have a backing. Vinyl or rubber backing traps humidity, which can ruin your floor’s finish and stain or damage the wood.

– The rules about using waxes and restorers are an important thing to keep in mind. Yes, you can rejuvenate a wax finish with more wax. But don’t use wax on a surface finish such as shellac, varnish, or polyurethane. It will make the floor far too slippery and interfere with subsequent finishes. Use a polish made for the finish you have on your floor. You can also get a general-purpose floor restorer for some finishes, but make sure to first test the restorer on an inconspicuous area to make sure it won’t peel.

Cleaning Tips For Your Wax Finished Floors:
If you can’t get your floors to shine just using a dust mop, try buffing the floors instead of just adding on another coat of wax. Buffing should always be the first option, as it can provide a nice shine without adding another layer of wax to your floors. If this still doesn’t work, then you’ll need to apply a wood floor cleaner and liquid wax made specifically for wood floors. After you apply it, let the wood dry and then buff. This should be done once or twice a year, depending on how much traffic you have. You can get help with Floor Refinishing in Chesterfield Va if you’re looking for services in that area to keep your hardwood flooring looking as good as new.

Common Stains: Here’s how to remove some common stains from wax finished floors.
– Most food stains are easy to clean by gently rubbing the area with a damp cloth. Start on the outside, and work your way in. Make sure you dry the surface when you’re done.
– Water spots and ink spots (white and dark), can be removed with steel wool. Start with #000 to remove the spot from your floor. If the stain is persistent, then try a very fine sandpaper, then #00 steel wool and a wood floor cleaner. Make sure to wax and buff when complete.
– Surface scratches can be cured by applying a little wax on the area, then buffing.
– If the substance is sticky or soft, harden it with a cold pack or ice cubes. It should then just peel off.

Cleaning your Surface Finished Floors (Urethane):
If you can’t get your floors to shine with just your dust mop, try cleaning with a wood floor cleaner recommended for cleaning wood floors with a urethane finish. If this still doesn’t work, the floor should receive a new coat of surface finish. Keep in mind you should never wax a surface finished floor.

Common Stains: Here’s how to remove some common stains from surface finished floors.
– Food, water, and ink stains can be cleaned using a wood flood cleaner specifically made for urethane finished floors.
– Nicks and scratches can be repaired with a urethane repair kit.
– If the substance is sticky or soft, harden it with a cold pack or ice cubes. It should then just peel off.

Guest Blog from Tiffany Olson – So Many Carpets!

Guest Blog from Tiffany Olson – So Many Carpets!

You walk on carpet all the time. Between your office and home, you might even spend 100% of your non-travel hours on top of carpet in one form or another, office carpets especially under your desk and living room carpets in front of your sofa or favourite chair, these are both places where your feet spend a majority of the time when you’re in those rooms. Carpets are a standard indoor floor-covering, primarily due to their low cost, functionality and how easy it is to get carpet repairs should they get damaged. But have you ever evaluated the various types of carpets available? If you’ve ever built a home or installed new carpet, then of course, the answer is yes… unless you went with hardwood. But not everyone can be that awesome, so many people haven’t the slightest of clues when it comes to carpet variety – varieties of carpets as diverse as the techniques used to clean them. But don’t worry! We’re here to give you the 411 on carpet varieties. If any of the types of carpet in this article catches your eye, talk to your local carpet installation company Austin to see if they have it in stock.

1) Plush Carpet
In the cut-pile category, Plush carpet is the most versatile. It can be used for many different decorative purposes. Its textured surface does wonders for hiding foot and vacuum imprints. The texture holds well between cleanings and the casual look can easily enhance the look of almost any room. It’s a popular choice and fantastic all-purpose carpet.

2) Saxony Carpet
The Saxony carpet has a more refined, luxurious look and feel to it. It is the carpet of choice for more traditional interior designs, adding a certain elegance to the decor of any room. Saxony carpet is very commonly used for both living and dining rooms.

3) Berber Loop Pile Carpet
The Berber Loop Pile carpet uses a rugged loop surface to offer a thick wooly feel. The uneven surface gives the carpet an almost handmade feel, creating a pleasantly warm atmosphere in the room. Berber carpet is highly durable so it is perfect for families with pets or young children as well as office or business spaces. The subtlety of the patterns makes it a versatile choice, and the texture conveniently obscures foot and vacuum imprints.

4) Loop Carpet
Another versatile carpet, Loop carpet blends extremely well with a wide variety of interior designs. This carpet tops the list in durability and is engineered specifically to accommodate high-traffic areas. The textured surface allows for subtle highlights, and a wide range of color options can allow Loop carpet to be used for a wide variety of purposes.

5) Cut Loop Carpet
This unique carpet style blends loop pile with cut pile, creating a very unique look that holds well between vacuumings. The style results in an almost multi-colored look, hiding stains well and enhancing your floor surface. Cut Loop carpet looks great in both soft and bold color tones.

6) Frieze Carpet
Frieze carpet combines the look of Cut Berber with the feel of Plush. A variety of colors can be used to elegantly enhance a room, and the subtle changes in color inherent in the carpet style do wonders for hiding stray dirt in between cleanings.

Surprised that there are so many carpet styles? There are actually many more! And the carpet cleaning techniques change for every single one. These are just six basic carpet varieties to get you started, but hopefully you now have a better understanding of carpets than you did before reading this article.

Author Bio
Tiffany Olson is a blogger from Redding, CA. She writes for small, local businesses in order for them to increase their online presence. This article was written on behalf of Heidemann Cleaning, who specialize in carpet cleaning in Redding.

Twice as Nice Carpets | Heidmann Cleaning

Refinished Floors

Refinished Floors in Humboldt County and Lake County

Here is some of the fine work done by A-1 Cleaning’s floor crew. We maintain floors in convenience stores, grocery stores, offices, and more.

floor scrubbing

A-1 Cleaning just refinished these floors. Can you guess this Humboldt County location?

Ok, give up? It is in Mckinleyville, Ca.
floor buffing




“I just wanted to tell you that your crew did a great job on our concrete floors. They look like new and your staff were very courteous and professional. Being a business owner my self, I know it’s nice to hear this once in a while”

Redwood Glass & Window

Floor Maintenance in Fortuna, CA


floor waxing

Another fine job done by our floor crew. Can you guess this local location?





floor recoating

This is another location that our floor crew has serviced. Can you guess it’s location?

Spoiler alert!

Floor maintenance in Fortuna, CA



 Car Drives Into Grocery Store And Does A Burnout On Our Floor!

Burn out on grocery stores floor
One of our retail floor maintenance locations, an lady had a seizure and drove her car into the store. We had to do an emergency floor maintenance repair. Before, you can see the streaks from where the car drove by…

Floor maintenance in Clear Lake, CA





 After Shot of Burn Out Streaks

After Shot of burn out floor
After Shot A-1 Cleaning was done with them, the floors looked good as new.
Floor maintenance done in Clear Lake, CA

The people at Uhaul are happy with their newly refinished floors.

refinished floors

Floor maintenance in Eureka, CA






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