Refinished Floors

Refinished Floors in Humboldt County and Lake County

Here is some of the fine work done by A-1 Cleaning’s floor crew. We maintain floors in convenience stores, grocery stores, offices, and more.

floor scrubbing

A-1 Cleaning just refinished these floors. Can you guess this Humboldt County location?

Ok, give up? It is in Mckinleyville, Ca.
floor buffing




“I just wanted to tell you that your crew did a great job on our concrete floors. They look like new and your staff were very courteous and professional. Being a business owner my self, I know it’s nice to hear this once in a while”

Redwood Glass & Window

Floor Maintenance in Fortuna, CA


floor waxing

Another fine job done by our floor crew. Can you guess this local location?





floor recoating

This is another location that our floor crew has serviced. Can you guess it’s location?

Spoiler alert!

Floor maintenance in Fortuna, CA



 Car Drives Into Grocery Store And Does A Burnout On Our Floor!

Burn out on grocery stores floor
One of our retail floor maintenance locations, an lady had a seizure and drove her car into the store. We had to do an emergency floor maintenance repair. Before, you can see the streaks from where the car drove by…

Floor maintenance in Clear Lake, CA





 After Shot of Burn Out Streaks

After Shot of burn out floor
After Shot A-1 Cleaning was done with them, the floors looked good as new.
Floor maintenance done in Clear Lake, CA

The people at Uhaul are happy with their newly refinished floors.

refinished floors

Floor maintenance in Eureka, CA






To get your floors refinished in Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, or surrounding areas. Contact A-1 Cleaning  today! 707-442-3229

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