Removing Hardening Stains

Removing hardening stains like wax, tar, chocolate and chewing gum

Removing hardening stains like wax, tar, chocolate and chewing gum1There are all sorts of stains that come in all sorts of varieties, from fatty, oily stains, to strongly colored stains, and then those that will be concentrated on in this article, the hardening stains like wax, chocolate and chewing gum. If you feel like you suffer too often at the hands of the hardening stain, you will likely want to ensure that you have a set way of dealing with such issues. With most stains, the time with which you take to deal with them is the key part, but with stains that get hard, you have a little grace period, as the wax or gum has to be hardened anyway to get the residue away in the first place. Have a look through the following tips to see if they can work for your cleaning process.

For a start, with all of these stains, you need to get down to the core of the stain, where the color of the offending product has mixed with the fibers in the material that you are cleaning. This means that you need to get rid of any residue that has been left over it by the spillage, as this will only defend against the cleaning products that you use to get the stain from the fabric. For the most part, you can use a bag with ice in it to harden the viscose liquid into a solid mass, which can then be peeled or scraped off. Use a blunt but narrow object like a dull knife or a spatula to lift the hard residue off, so that the actual stain is revealed. Be careful not to rip or tear at the fabric, because this will leave a mark itself, and the issue may suddenly be that you have a hole in your sofa, rather than a bit of wax!

You can then address the actual stain, having rid yourself of the worst of it. For chocolate, you must use lukewarm water, as cold water will make the chocolate set in to the fabric more. Use a sponge with the water and a little detergent to work it out gently, and to be sure that the stain is not spreading. Keep flushing the area with water, and ensure that you dab it out with a clean cloth, as otherwise the dirt will spread to the regions outside of the stain. If you are able to keep repeating this, then you should find that the stain start to shift. If you feel like you have taken it as far as you can, and the material is machine washable, then you can throw it in the machine for a cool wash for the last step. If not, and you can’t get rid of completely, then you need to talk to a professional.

The rest of the materials that may cause hard stains will often be removable with a little rubbing alcohol or WD-40. You will find however, that certain fabrics will not be as resistant to such harsh treatment as others, so it is imperative that you check an area that is not as visible first, to ensure that you are not at risk of making the whole issue any worse! Again, if you have tried all that you can, and then do not get frustrated if a stain persists, just call a professional for some advice, and see if they can help you out.

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