Guest Blog: Cleaning House Cushions

Tips on Cleaning Your House Cushions

Cleaning your house cushionsA house cleaning process can often take in all aspects, including ones which you might not have expected. One of the lesser thought of pieces of home furnishings which are often forgotten about by budding cleaner are the cushions which they might have on their sofas. While upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning can be handled reliably and professionally, many choose to forget about their cushions, even though they are one of the most used items in the home and one of those which is most at risk from the kinds of spills and stains which might affect and dictate your home cleaning system.

When it comes to a clean a home as possible, finding a way in which to get your cushions cleaned is essential. One of the best ways in which to do this is to check the label on the cushion cover. This will provide you with the information which you require before you continue. The material which it is made of is very important, as are the washing instruction which are listed. This will let you know what the best means of getting these cushions back to their old selves will be. Before you begin to wash anything, consult this information.

One of the best ways in which to keep a home fresh is to make sure that the upholstery is as clean as possible. This can be accomplished with a regular washing of the cushion covers which you use most. After having consulted your labels, you will know which cleaning method is preferred for these cushions and can wash them accordingly. The easiest option is those cushions which are machine washable, as these can simply be placed in a washing machine and then hung out to dry. For those which will not stand up to a machine wash, you might have to wash them by hand, which can take longer but is equally effective. You can also get some great upholstery cleaners from either ChemicalWIKI, a local hardware store and sometimes even your local supermarket which will make your cleaning process a lot easier. If machine washing, fabric softener can be a great addition and can really keep your home feeling fresh. The drying process is very important and you should always make sure that you get the cushion covers as dry as possible before placing them back on the cushions. Failure to do so can lead to a faint odour being emitted and then you will only have to wash the covers again. Hanging out on a clothes line is an ideal method of drying.

For those times when your cushions do have a faint odour, but washing might not shift it, you may want to turn towards something a little more specialised. There are many products on the market which aim to reduce the bad smells which linger around the house and one of the spray on solutions can be an excellent means of getting rid of the bad smells in both the short term and the long term.

When it comes to cleaning cushions, however, many people are primarily focused on stain removal. If you have spilled a liquid or dropped something on your cushions, you could well have left a mark which regular washing will not shift. In these instances, you might have to turn towards stain removal agents. Again using the knowledge which you gleaned from the label, look into the best method for removing that particular stain from that particular material. While some house hold goods are excellent for removing stains, you might need to get something more suited to your particular needs. Once you have found what should be an ideal products, follow the instructions which are laid out by the manufacturer. If this does not work, then you might need to call in professional upholstery cleaners.

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