About Us

A-1 Cleaning Service, LLC is a true mom and pop local cleaning company.

Here at A-1 we live by two mottos:

“Your Satisfaction is Our Goal”

“Let your yes be yes and your no be no”

It’s current owners William and Dianna Hardwick began with humble beginnings over 23 years ago (1995) but today have a sizeable crew on board to cover Humboldt County. A-1 crew members are carefully selected for their integrity! Customers will always be met with professionalism and efficiency from our excellent team. There are several buildings that Will and Dianna personally cleaned at the beginning that is still being cleaned by A-1, 23 years later. Our team is proud to service our loyal clients!

Each of our carpet techs has been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration located in Sacramento, Ca. 

Carpet Cleaning Crew

This crew below is all about our vacancy cleaning division. They keep property managers, owners, and tenants alike all very happy!

These ladies keep homes all around Humboldt clean like clockwork. When it’s got to be done, call A-1! Our Maids will be there as scheduled and do the job right the first time.

A1 Cleaning Service

But for the couple these days their focus is on training, supervising, and keeping up with all the paperwork that comes with growing pains. Both Hardwick children are adults now, Isaiah is our lead carpet tech. and since early 2019 Melody has been supervising our evening housekeeping staff.

William is still at the heart of A-1 keeping the crank turning but learning to delegate more, like his friend and mentor Richard Burrows (Masterminds Alliance) has been teaching him to do.

The old tagline still remains at the heart of A-1, “Your satisfaction is our goal.” A-1 Cleaning Service, LLC is a team you can trust will do a good job.  

Editors note: William has been the  “IT” guy, networker, google ad’s man, and Sharepoint coder for A-1 Cleaning Service LLC. From all his experience with keeping A-1 up to speed William started another business, HumWeb marketing

Dianna Hardwick also runs hilltop workshops in her spare time.

William and Dianna Hardwick wish to humbly testify to God’s grace over their lives.