Guest Blog: Window Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning TipsWindow cleaning is something we often leave out of our daily cleaning routines, partly because it can be quite tricky, partly because it seems like a potentially laborious job. The fact is, though, that if you’re properly equipped and properly educated in the best techniques for window cleaning, it’ll be very easy! We have produced a guide full of cracking window cleaning tips to help you, if you’re feeling a bit stuck or reluctant!

If you want your windows to sparkle, it helps to have the following in your cleaning arsenal;

  • A large sponge
  • A scrubber
  • A large pail
  • Window cleaning products
  • Cloths
  • Hand towel
  • A window scraper (great, but not necessarily an absolute requisite)

If you need to purchase any or all of these items before you start your window cleaning operation, then we recommend getting in touch with a local cleaning company such as, Cleaning service Clermont -FL. You will find that the best window cleaning services companies may very well be able to offer you suggestions on what window cleaning products you should use – they may even have some window clean supplies to buy! Why not give a few window cleaners in your area a ring, and see whether they can help?

Now, we will give you a step-by-step guide to window cleaning.

Window Cleaning Tips1Now, it’s time to start cleaning. Commence on an easy note, by cleaning the inside facing window pane. Unless circumstances are extreme, these will always be smarter than the exterior pane – and thus much easier to clean!

If you are using a special window cleaning product, then place paper towels at the base of the window to soak up any drips or spills. Whilst window cleaning chemicals can be great for cleaning windows, they can damage other materials – such as plastic, wood or carpeting.

Now onto the outside. You will need the sponge and scrubber for this portion, and if the stains and grime on the windows is especially bad, you will also need the scraper. Make sure you soak the sponge thoroughly in your cleaning solution, and then press the sponge into the glass at the top of the pane– the solution will seep downwards and start working its magic on the dirt and tarnish immediately! If this is too time consuming, you could always look into a Soft Washing Process to complete the job faster and achieve great results.

Remember, however, that if a window is particularly high – say, a top floor window – it’s not worth risking life and limb to clean them. Even if you have the ladders to reach them, unless you’re properly trained in such operations, they can still pose a risk to you and your health! In these circumstances, it really is worth considering getting in touch with a window cleaning agency. Whilst it can be irritating to defer to professional cleaning services for help, professional cleaning help is just that – professional! Your windows will be cleaned to an expert standard by a trained window cleaning specialist with years of experience in the field. Don’t be put off on the basis of price, too – you will find the best window cleaners in your area offer highly competitive rates on their window cleaning services. Any window cleaning agency worthy of the name will take into account your requirement and expectations, and this will include budgetary concerns. Also remember that if I window is beyond cleaning, you can always call an Atlanta Window Replacement Team. Common signs of a window being beyond cleaning is greening around the edge of the glass and dirt or insects between the glass panes. We often find that firms who specialise in builders cleaning – i.e. cleaning before, during and after builders have worked on a property – have the best window cleaners on their staff – however, naturally, which company to contact is up to you, so do your research and pick the one that fits you! Good luck!

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