Worst Carpet Messes for Parents

Guest Blog Post: Carpet Castle – Worst Messes That Parents Have to Deal With

Let’s not sugar coat it, children are messy! If you have kid, you’re probably going to need to hire a carpet cleaner at some point. What’s worse is they don’t get any less messy as they get older. Every parent can remember a time where their child has made such a huge mess of their carpets, walls, windows, doors, stairs, bed… actually it’s probably easier to list what they haven’t dirtied!

Here are some of the worst messes that will have you reaching for the phone to find a professional carpet cleaner similar to this Rug Cleaning Brighton company, or possibly even buying a new carpet!

Bodily fluids

From toddlers to teenagers, it’s inevitable you’ll have to deal with pee, poo, blood, sick and more. Almost every parent will have had to pick up and rush their child to the toilet with them peeing every step of the way. Some toddlers have poo-playing phases – most grow out of this quickly but boy, is it messy! As your children grow into teenagers they may start experimenting with alcohol which, as we all know, can lead to puking. There will often be times growing up when they are ill and vomit – but this will not prepare you for the trails of spew across your carpet, up the stairs or on the walls in the general direction of a toilet.

Food stuffs

Children are very creative, which unfortunately also means messy. Talk to any parent and they will tell you about the time their beloved little one found the flour or sugar and decided to make it ‘snow.’ Or when rotten eggs exploded after their kid decided to hatch a chicken, or pouring olive oil over the kitchen floor to make a slip-and-slide. The list goes on, but worst of all is when your sprog manages to get their hands on hamburger meat before promptly grinding it into the carpet.

Sticky stuff

More of a broad category, but it will often leave you on the phone to a carpet supplier to get a replacement carpet. If you thought the food stuffs listed above were bad, just see what happens if they get their hands on honey, syrup, ice-cream or chewing gum! Some things should come with child-lock tops to save parents the hassle of dealing with ridiculous amounts of mess. The worst sticky situations you will be in is if your kids get hold of glue (bad but not terrible), Vaseline (terrible) or adhesive glitter (worse than terrible). The latter of these may even defeat even the most professional and experienced carpet cleaning company!

Organic materials

Typically people think of mud when you refer to organic mess, and for the most part that’s true. However children will bring everything with them! Alongside mud you’re likely to have to deal with sticks, leaves, small animals and even handfuls of gravel or sand. These tend to be annoying and can be tricky to clean up, but thankfully nowhere near as disastrous as some of the above messes!

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