Sitting room cleaning, step by step

Sitting room cleaning, step by step

Sitting room cleaning, step by stepIf you are concerned that you could be cleaning the sitting room in a more efficient way, then you could well be right. If you don’t have the right order or products then you could be missing dust and dirt every time you clean. Having high-quality products, such as a Hoover, then you will be able to get all of the dirt up in one. If you think getting good products will be too expensive then 10BestCarpetCleaners has done a budget friendly series on the best Hoover’s so be sure to take a look.

If you can get an order for doing any job together, it will ensure that you are not at risk of repeating yourself, wasting time, or having to think of what to do next when you are in the moment. The beauty of the ordered approach is that you will repeat it, and start to learn it off by heart, meaning that it will eventually become your natural way of doing things. You will likely find that the best way to deal with this is to develop your own order, but that can be hard, so there are some pointers below and a rough outline for the job. Have a look at how the order may work for your sitting room, or any room for that matter, and adapt it to your needs, so that the whole thing becomes a really useful tool in your overall cleaning sequence.

First, tidy everything away in to the places where it needs to be. You will find that there are many different ways in which you can find these places, but it is best to have a set place for everything, to ensure that there is no question as to how you tidy the house. You will find that tidying immediately makes the room look better, which can spur you on, as you are already half way there. You will find that it also removes the amount of stuff that the next step knocks dust on to, meaning that you have less to dust afterwards, which makes it a lot more practical to do first off…

Next, dust the room from top to bottom, with a feather duster for any difficult to reach bits. You will likely find that you have to run over the surfaces under the higher areas a few time to ensure that you get rid of it all easily enough. There is a lot to be said for taking objects off of mantles and sills whilst you are doing this, as it ensures that you are not having to dust around them, and it means that you are getting dust on less stuff again.

Next take the sofa cushions out, shaking the dust off of them, so that you can get rid of all of the rubbish and debris that comes to settle on them through use. Take a hoover and vacuum under the cushions, having taken out any money or larger objects that fall down the gap. Failure to do this may well result in breaking or clogging up the vacuum cleaner. Return the pillows to the sofa having plumped them up nicely.

Once you have dusted off the surfaces, polish them and the objects up with a polishing cloth and some polish, should the surfaces and objects need it. You will find that this is a pretty simple job, and that you will be able to get a decent shine up with a few sprays and a couple of buffs with the cloth.

Take the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the floor. If it needs mopping be sure to do this afterwards, as otherwise you risk scratching the floor with the mop as you push the debris around, and that would be a real nightmare, as that will mean even more cleaning and polishing to do after all the rest of it!

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