It Starts With You: How Keeping Your Room Clean Improves Your Life

Because of these difficult times, you probably are spending a lot of time in your room. There are two types of people. The first one, those that during the lockdown developed a love for cleaning and have everything nice and tidy. And the second, people who suddenly have a mess around them as if it were magic.

If you feel like you belong to the second group, then you might be feeling kind of guilty, but at the same time, without energy for cleaning your room. The whole pandemic situation has been a challenge, making us abandon our routines and leaving us with feelings of uncertainty.

But if you really want to start changing things, you better start by cleaning your room, and I’m serious. Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist, believes that if you want to make an impact or to jump into bigger challenges, you first need to take care of your immediate environment.

Start with the fundamentals:

Make Your Bed

This is the number one thing when cleaning your room. Yes, I know you’re going to sleep in a few hours again, but think of it that way. Your day begins and ends, and you need to have that same basic logic in mind. Be ready to start your day by waking up early and making your bed right away, so you know it’s time to do all the things you have planned for. Then, at the end of the day, you’ll be ready to rest in a neat, nice bed. Not only that, ensure that the bed of everyone in your home is kept clean and maintained. In case you have a person at home with limited mobility, keeping their bed clean is even more important. If a normal bed is posing challenges, you can consider switching it to a comfortable hospital bed for home use. This is important because keeping the bed clean is the first step in maintaining a healthy home and lifestyle.

Clean Up Your Clothes

You may have a mountain of clean clothes, and another pile that’s half-dirty. And honestly, I don’t know which one is worse. Make sure to grab all your dirty clothes and clean them thoroughly. However, before you wash all your clothes together, ensure that you do not put an elastane material with cupro. They are two different fabrics, and washing them together might just damage both of them. Instead, try and understand the needs of each of your fabrics. For instance, you can learn a bit about the fabric–cupro. See if machine washing is preferable. Search for detergents that can help retain the quality of the fabric. Once you are done with all these, then take up the task of washing clothes.

Also, do not ignore your recently-cleaned clothes. If possible, take your clean clothes and fold or hang them in your closet. When you finish, you’ll probably feel relieved and relaxed.

Clear The Clutter

Remember that by cleaning your room you’re also clearing your mind. Maybe you’ve been accumulating stuff without realizing it. If there are things that have been in the same place for ages, take them away or even move them to a storage unit for a specific time period (click here to learn more). Also, don’t forget to wipe the surfaces clean. In some cases, you might notice that you don’t even need much of the stuff that has been cluttering up your room for so long. You may not need to store these at all, which means you can either sell them, donate them, or if they are too old, throw them away. De-cluttering makes you realize how many things you have been hoarding, and that it’s finally time to get rid of a lot of those things. Consider getting in touch with a waste management service to come take what you don’t need.

Vacuum/Sweep and Mop

This is the final step. Once you’ve cleaned the mess around you, it’s time to really leave your room spotless. Reach as far under the bed as possible, don’t be lazy!

Get Motivated; Turn On Your Favorite Music

Make sure to have a good time while doing these chores. Music can inspire you and maybe you won’t just end with cleaning your room; perhaps you’ll start rearranging things from one place to another or have an easier time getting rid of things you don’t use anymore.

Keep It Beautiful

You need to be happy where you are. Your room is your starting point every day, so why not wake up in your perfect happy place? Use your creativity. Think about adding scented candles, placing flowers in your window, or putting houseplants around the room. You name it.

If you can learn the basics of how to keep your room in order, your mind will be clearer for new ideas, and then you can probably start making more significant changes in your life.

Alejandra Aguilera

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