Why Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

The Rug Doctor: Why Do-it-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

rug-doctor-2-300Sure, there is something to be said about completing a task by yourself – it’s satisfying to feel a sense of accomplishment and independence. However, when it comes to carpet cleaning, your best bet is to always trust the professionals. Unlike the Rug Doctor, or other carpet machine rental units, our machines are cleaned after every use. This ensures that no residual dirt or debris is transferred from one home or office to another. Because it is up to each individual Rug Doctor renter to clean the unit after he or she is done using it, you can never be sure that a carpet machine rental unit is providing you with the best possible care for your home and carpets. This is especially relevant for those with allergies: if a previous Rug Doctor renter had a pet, the hair and dandruff may be transferred into your home. Yuck!

It is also important to keep in mind that carpet machine rental units are shampooers, which may leave your carpet with residual chemicals due to less suction and the extended amount of time the chemicals spend in the carpet. Our method is called hot water extraction, where equipment sprays hot water and diluted cleaning chemicals, then immediately vacuums it up, along with any dirt or debris. This leaves much less opportunity for chemicals to soak into the fibers, keeping your home clean the natural way!

Although the Rug Doctor and other carpet machine rental units are advertised as the inexpensive solution to clean floors, additional products that are used for different types of messes can end up bringing the cost close to, or even higher than, professional cleaners. For example, one room of carpet may need multiple products to get pet stains, kitchen grease, and spilled drinks out. These are all out-of-pocket expenses when you rent a Rug Doctor. Our cleaners provide specialized chemicals and have the knowledge and professional experience to know when, and how much, to use. You can always trust the professionals at A-1!

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  1. When I was much younger I’d rent those things out and fill them up with warm tap water. I really thought I was making an impact in how clean I was getting my carpets! Those things are terrible!

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