Carpet cleaning white carpets, and how to keeep them white.

Carpet Cleaning White Carpets and how to keep them White.

 This month has been a month filled with white carpets. So I thought I would suggest some tips that can help you keep them that way.

 1. Making sure your family and guest takes off there shoes before entering the room or house will help keep the carpeting white, however you may want to keep your socks on. Going barefoot on a plush carpet may feel nice, but after time, the oils from your feet will soil your carpet. But this only works if you change your socks once in a while, that could be counterproductive,  and quite offence to family, and pets.  You also could get what Frank Zappa called “Stink Foot” Of course I believe my dog Toby would like me to have a stinky sock laying around. I degrees.

2.  Keeping floor mats runners on your white carpeting will prolong cleanings and shadowing of your high traffic lanes. But you may ask yourself, If I have carpeting why do I need to by more rugs to protect it? I ask my self that same question, but if gives you chance to interior decorate and display oriental rugs. But stay away from plastic matts, their gaudy. I remember my parents did this in the 70’s to protect their awful multicolored shag.

3. Spills happen, so when they do, keep some good spot remover around. I suggest Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover. I have been using it for years, and you can find it in most drug stores.

4. Call us, and have your carpets serviced regularly.

So owners and landlords don’t need  to worry, because with A-1 Cleaning’s carpet steam cleaner, dirt doesn’t stand a chance, even on white carpets!


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