Cat Urine Stains on the Carpet

Does Your Cat Keep Leaving Urine Stains on the Carpet?

cat urine stainsEver wonder why your cat always seems to leave urine stains on the carpet? Do you find yourself asking, why doesn’t my kitty at least have their accidents on the tile?

Dianda over at Cats & Co writes an interesting blog shedding light on as to why our furry friends prefer the carpet. Check it out at Cats vs. Carpets.

Most of the issues people have when it come to urine stains stem from the places that were left untreated until they became noticeable (either by discoloration or odor). Cats often times mark their territory in places other than their litter box, whether it be in the middle of your living room or in some discrete corner you can’t even see.

Before long, the microbes in the urine break down and release ammonia; this is the chemical most responsible for that cat pee smell. Even worse, at this stage mercaptan is also secreted. This chemical is the one that makes you want to run away whenever you see a skunk.

If your cat keeps making urine stains on your floor, try buying a new litter box for your furry friend. I have read that you should get a new box every six months, because cats have more sensitive noses than humans, and as such can smell some of the leftover odors in their cat boxes that we cannot. There can be many other reasons as to why your cat is urinating on your furniture. Identifying that reason can be the solution to getting your cat to use their litter box; reading this article from KittyWire can be incredibly useful in solving this issue.

And remember, if your pet has left urine stains that you just can’t seem to get up, then call us, A-1 Cleaning Service, LLC, to enzyme and steam clean those stubborn stains away!

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